The Ins and Outs of Supima Cotton Socks

What makes our Supima cotton socks so exquisite? Aside from the stunning, yet quirky, designs and the impeccable quality, it’s the cotton itself. If you have never heard of Supima, don’t worry. Supima makes up only 1% of the global cotton supply, making it one of the rarest kinds of cotton in the world. 

Why Supima Cotton Socks

Not only is the cotton rarer, making your Supima cotton socks even more unique. Its extra-long fibre is also softer, more durable and retains colour significantly longer than normal cotton. Guaranteeing your Supima cotton socks last longer, stay softer and maintain their colour throughout their life.

Peper Harow luxury Supima cotton socks stacked on wooden shelves

Supima cotton, because of its durability and most importantly, softness, is fast becoming one of the main kinds of cotton used in fashion. While Mercerised Egyptian cotton breathes and is thinner - perfect for the hot summer months - Supima cotton socks will always take first place in the comfort category.

Don’t take our word for it, this is what a customer has had to say; "They just oozed style. We weren't disappointed either, beautifully soft, gorgeous colours, exceptionally well made."

How is Supima Superior

While Egyptian cotton is named based on the location farmed, regardless of the quality, and regular cotton is grown all over the world, Supima cotton is grown only in the USA, on roughly 500 family-owned farms. This ensures the exceptional quality of the cotton is world-class.

The Sustainability of Supima

What better way is there to promote sustainable practices than through legacy and heritage. The farms that grow Supima cotton are mostly family-owned farms.

Passed down from generation to generation, these farms aren't only for profit, they are the families past, present, and future. Due to this, the land, the water, and the people are all cared for in such a way as to promote their health and well-being for future generations.

Supima Cotton Seeds

It is not only the Supima cotton fibre that is used. During the harvest, every part of the cotton plant is utilised. The stalks, stems and leaves are sent to local farms and used as bedding for livestock during winter. The seed is crushed and processed into cottonseed oil, a premium odourless, flavourless oil - perfect for crispy chips. The crushed seed hull is mixed in with livestock feed as an important source of protein.

Not only do they care for the land, water, and people. Supima cotton farmers are also at the forefront of agricultural innovation. Using as well as developing some of the most advanced technological processes available. Their farming practices set the standard, both ethically and environmentally, around the world.