Peper Harow Sustainable Practices
We consistently find ways we can improve our sustainability, from higher quality socks fighting fast fashion, to solar panels supplementing energy, to recycled, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Fighting Fast Fashion

Firstly; what is fast fashion? Fast fashion is is cheap, usually low quality, fashion items that are mass produced in order to be ready for sale before the current "micro-trend" is over.

Peper Harow socks are made using the finest materials, meaning, they're made to last, and because we combine contemporary trends with classic styles, we're always fashionable.

Peper Harow quality socks

Solar Supplemented Energy

More than 20%, on average, of our energy demands are supplemented by solar panels, taking a large load off of the energy grid. To add to the reduced energy demand, our knitting machines are state-of-the-art, meaning their energy use is reduced even further.

Peper Harow sustainable energy

Sustainable Packaging

We don't just stop our sustainability practices at our socks or their creation, ALL of our packaging is either recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.

If you want a few tips on being a bit more sustainable, give this blog post here a quick read and keep on being sustainably stylish.