Luxury socks, ethically and sustainably sourced, proudly made in England
Peper Harow Gift of the Year 2020 Shortlisted.
Unique Gifts

Stylish gifts created by fashion experts for every occasion.

Peper Harow exceptional quality socks.
Exceptional Quality

We are confident that you'll be 100% satisfied with the quality of our socks.

Peper Harow luxury socks made in britain.
British Luxury

Made in our modern factory in the West Sussex countryside.

Peper Harow quirky socks designs.
Quirky Design

Absolutely unique designs and wide selection of colours.

Peper Harow sustainable, ethical, cotton socks.

Using the latest technology and solar panels to reduce energy usage.

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Why Dogs Eat Socks
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Why Dogs Eat Socks

Pretty much anyone who has owned a dog, or especially a puppy, has watched its love for the mighty sock grow – but why do they love them so much?

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Top Ten Funny Puns About Socks
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Top Ten Funny Puns About Socks

To celebrate National Tell A Joke Day, we’re giving you 10 of the best sock puns to get anyone giggling – because bad puns are always the best, right?

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