A Tried and Tested Guide to Working from Home

Working from home for the first time can be daunting for most people, there are so many things that could distract you from your work. We can't help with kids interrupting your video conference calls, or the neighour playing the drums. What we can help with though, is some tried and tested advice from people who have been working from home for many years.

Routine is Key

Don't get into the habit of going to bed late and laying in. Get up, dress up and show up. It's very easy to start taking things easier now that there's no commute, but rather than lying in bed for 30 or so minutes, do something productive, you'll thank yourself later!

Get a to-do list going, even writing down "make a to do list" and crossing it off once it's done gets your mind ready for the productive day ahead.

Dress for Success

If you've read any advice about working from home, one topic that always comes up is your home office attire. Dressing as if you were going into the office is one of the best ways to stay in the "work" mind-set.

Now we're not saying a full suit at all times, but don't start working in your pyjamas either. Have a hot shower and dress as if you would on casual Friday. Stay stylish, yet comfortable, wearing a semi-casual shirt with jeans and a stylish pair of socks (because who wears shoes inside!) go a long way towards dressing for success.

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Stay Healthy

If you have time in the morning to squeeze in a 30-minute workout, or a quick jog in the evening, do it! Exercise has been proven to improve moods and boost immune systems so not only are you doing your body good, you're doing your mind a favour too. Just don't go overboard - pushing your body more than you can handle will only cause harm.

Don't stop there though, it's very easy to start snacking more or eating junk food. Rather than falling into that trap, set time aside to cook and eat as well. A salad here, a barbecue there, the perfect meal for these sunny days.

Don't Stress

In these difficult times stress is high, if you get distracted and feel like you've been unproductive, don't worry about it. Don't put in more hours or sit behind the screen for the rest of the day. Even if your day hasn't gone as planned, if you've not done as much as you wanted to, stop working when you're meant to, take lunch, have short coffee breaks.

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Treat Yourself

Times are tough, and with all that work and exercise you've earned a bit of comfort too. As we've mentioned before, don't snack constantly. Instead, reward yourself after a good day's work, change out of your "work clothes" into something stylish yet comfortable - like these ash Pin Stripe socks, read a book or a fun blog, call your friends or family, play some video games. There are many ways to relax, to treat yourself, and most importantly, to stay healthy.

While working from home may not be everyone's cup of tea, adapting to this lifestyle is important - at least for now. Who knows, you might come to like it.