Organic Cotton: What Makes It So Good?

What IS organic cotton?

Organic cotton is cotton that is produced using natural processes rather than artificial ones. To be certified organic, cotton farms need to fulfil certain strict criteria that does not allow the use of harmful chemicals or genetically modified seed. Instead, certified organic cotton combines traditional farming methods with innovation and science to benefit the environment while also promoting a better quality of life for the farmers and general community.

What Makes It So Good?

Not only taking the quality of the cotton into account, certified organic cotton is beneficial in many other aspects. On average, organic cotton farms use only 30% of the water that conventional cotton farms use, and due to sustainable farming practices, they use, on average, around 40% less energy than that of conventional cotton farms. The farms that produce organic cotton also produce much less co2 emissions due to their use of natural rather than synthetic fertilisers

Hands full of organically grown cotton

There is also the health, social and community aspect to consider. Due to the fact that toxic and harmful pesticides or fertilisers aren't used, the farm workers aren't exposed to dangerous chemicals on a daily basis, no dangerous chemicals leech into the soil or ground water and because of the traditional sustainable farming practices they're also able to grow food crops, helping them feed their families.

When you purchase any organic cotton, you're not only investing in water conservation, better livelihoods for farmers, cleaner air and better soil conservation, you're also sending a message to corporate fashion labels that you want them to do, and be better, that people, and the planet matter more than profits.

Peper Harow Symmetry Organic Socks

The organic cotton socks we produce are GOTS certified, not only does this mean they are of the highest quality that you've come to expect, and truly deserve, from Peper Harow, it also means that they are environmentally sustainable as well as ensuring safe and fair working conditions for the cotton farmers and farm workers.