10 Perfect Uses For Old Socks

We all have that errant pair of old socks. You know that one, usually our favourite pair that we've worn so much we may as well go barefoot with all the holes, but we would never dream of throwing out.

Here are 10 things you can do with that old pair - or single sock - that will not only save the environment but could also be useful, and fun to make!

Orange Sock Puppet
  1. Sock Puppets: Starting with the basics, making sock puppets is a creative way to spend time with the kids, while at the same time, keeping them entertained for hours during, and after. If you have a few pairs free, make a whole village of sock puppets for hours of fun with the kids!
  2. Shoe Polisher: Instead of throwing away all your socks with holes in why not try using them as cleaning rags, or even buff cloths? A quick cut down one side and you've got the perfect cloth to polish your shoes with!
  3. Golf Ball Holder: If you want a great place to store your golf balls when you're not using them, or even if you want to carry them around the course with ease, an old sock makes the perfect holder - bonus points if your stylish holder matches your socks!
  4. Potpourri Bundle: A wonderful way to spice up your wardrobe, literally! Fill an old sock with potpourri, tie the end closed and store it in your drawers for fresh smelling drawers all year round!
  5. Soap in a Sock: Hygiene is important, especially after a long day in the garden or tinkering in the shed but cakes of soap can get a little slippery at times. A simple way to reuse socks is to put a cake of soap inside. Not only does the sock keep the soap from flying all over the place, it also helps to get grit off your hands and makes the soap last longer!Beanbags Made From Socks
  6. Foot bag: Another classic you might know as a hacky sack or a bean bag. Simply fill half a sock with uncooked rice, lentils or sand if you have, then sew the open end shut. A perfect use for your old socks for hours of fun and exercise!
  7. Game Pieces: There's nothing worse than looking for pieces on game night. A good way to keep game pieces from being lost is to store them in an old hole-free sock and tie up the end! Make sure it's the less delicate pieces or the game dice though!
  8. Stress Ball: Something many of us could use and it's very easy to make! Fill up a small zip lock bag with flour or cornstarch and put it in the sock, sew up the end and cut off any excess fabric and you have yourself the perfect home-made stress ball!
  9. Stylish Finger-less Gloves: This one requires a bit of crafting ability but is quite easy once you know how, and you can even use socks with holes in if you're lucky! Cut the toe off the socks, and a little wedge out of the heel for your thumb - yes, it's that easy. Now you have some stylish, long, fingerless gloves.
  10. Shoe Freshener: Perfect for gym or sports shoes, fill the errant sock with baking soda and leave inside your shoes overnight for a smell-free fit in the morning!

Bonus: Odd socks are in style right now, why not grab a couple of different socks and turn some heads with your quirky fashion sense!

For those of us continuously looking for new ways to reuse and recycle our socks these are only a few of many ways and, of course, your imagination is the limit. Give new things a try, you might be happily surprised at the result.