How Peper Harow Luxury Socks Are Made

If you’ve ever gone for a walk without any socks on, you soon realise how much the simplest of clothing accessories does for you, even if they aren't luxury.

Socks have a long history, they’ve been around since time began (maybe not quite that long) and have been a stylish part of our outfits since they became a fashion accessory… or for some of us, a necessity… for the last hundred years.

But how are socks made? What materials are used? How do we get the seamless toe and the soft, impeccable quality that you’ve come to love? What makes them luxury?


The Yarn

Peper Harow Yarn

Some of the yarn used to make socks range from cotton to wool, bamboo to cashmere. Here at Peper Harow, we only use the finest sustainably grown Mercerised Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton and Organic cotton, not only for their impeccable quality but also their durability and ability to hold their vibrant colours, wash after wash.

While high in quality, all our cotton has a different texture and level of colour to them. The Egyptian cotton – being mercerised – are thinner than both Supima and Organic, and make the perfect luxury socks for summer, or dress socks. The Supima cotton socks are thicker, warmer and a little softer, with their extra-long thread, they’re luxury you can feel. Finally, our newer, certified Organic cotton range is as soft as Supima cotton and range in thickness, but coming in more muted, textured colours – for those dapper men who want to look sustainably stylish.


The Knitting Process

Peper Harow The Knitting Process

 As with cotton, not all knitting is equal. There are several ways to knit socks – by hand, with a loom or with industrial machinery. There are also different ways to stitch the segments together, the most common being at the toe. That line across the toes is an unmistakable indicator of where your socks have been joined.

Here, we use state-of-the-art knitting machinery, where each pattern and colour are carefully and painstakingly programmed into the machines. The final part of the knitting process creates the seamless toe for a more comfortable, durable wear. 

The Softening Process

After the socks have been knitted, they then go through a washing and tumble dry process to soften the socks even more. We control this process carefully to minimise the usage of chemicals and water wastage while getting the perfect softness in each pair of luxury socks. 

The Ironing (Boarding) Process

Peper Harow Boarding Process

To add the final touches, each pair of socks is steam pressed or “boarded” on a very large machine called the boarding machine. While being boarded they go through a further quality inspection by our production experts to ensure every single pair of Peper Harow luxury socks have the highest quality possible, that we have all come to expect – and deserve. 

Quality That Lasts

Combining such high-quality yarn with modern technology and no less than four quality control checks by our expert team during manufacturing, these luxury socks for men and women are made to last, helping fight fast fashion in the process.

Whether your taste is for luxury crew socks for men, sport socks for men or women, or vibrant socks for women, Peper Harow has a pair of cotton socks for any connoisseur of fine, sustainable, impeccable quality fashion – all ethically made in the UK.