A Journey Of Style: Green Socks

In the fourth instalment of A Journey of Style, we’re delving into the colour of nature: green. To most, the colour green conjures images of spring, nature, rolling fields or summer meadows but what do those green socks, or your favourite green shirt tell others about you?

Why Green?

The colour green is often associated with growth, balance, peace, and rebirth. More than that though, green is said to be soothing, relaxing and youthful and is also said to bring a sense of hope, health, adventure as well as self-control, compassion, and harmony. Darker greens are said to make you feel calm while lighter greens can make you feel energetic when worn.


With so many shades of green available it can be a little difficult to plan an outfit, thankfully casual is a little easier than formal. A splash of green can go a lot further than an entire outfit – but avoid using too much green with too much red, unless you’re going for that Christmas elf look.

Sage London Bus Egyptian cotton luxury socks for men Sage London Bus socks for men – the perfect quirky socks for casual outfits.

Some great combinations for green in a casual outfit are orange, purple, yellow, or grey. A quirky pair of luxury men’s green socks with a stylish pair of grey shorts, for example, is sure to make any casual outfit fun.


Wearing green in a business setting can be a little more challenging. It’s a rule of thumb that the darker the green is, the more authority it denotes. You can use this to your advantage in interviews or important client meetings.

Green Pin Stripe Egyptian cotton gentlemen’s luxury socksGreen Pin Stripe Egyptian cotton gentlemen’s socks

Again, using the stylish combination of grey, with a dapper addition of smart brown shoes, and a pair of smarter striped luxury socks like the green Pin Stripe, shows a confident, yet still playful dash of colour that isn’t quite formal, but still has the connotations of professionality.

Professional & Formal

Possibly the most difficult outfits to style in general are the professional and formal outfits. Yet, ironically, they’re the ones you can have the most fun with as well. A splash of green socks when you walk, or a stylish patterned tie means you can co-ordinate colours nicely with other parts of your suit.

Peper Harow stylish green formal outfitsA stylish tie with a splash of green and yellow patterned socks always looks dapper.

As long as you avoid wearing a full green suit – you’re not the Green Lantern after all – you can experiment with both light greens and dark greens, a splash of green and yellow patterned luxury socks with a tailored navy suit and green silk patterned tie means you’ll look suave, no matter the occasion.


There are as many ways to style your outfits as there are shades of green, each shade having its own meaning and own quirk.

Peper Harow emerald Square Mile men's luxury socksSuave emerald Square Mile men’s luxury socks.

Whether you’re just looking for a splash of colour with a vibrant pair of green luxury socks or want a pair of matching olive socks and shorts, or even if you want a dapper touch to a casual outfit with a pair of sage Oxford Stripe luxury socks, there’s one thing to keep in mind with green: less is more, a splash is all you need to look charming, confident and stylish.