Classic Patterns Made Modern

There are several world-renowned fabric patterns in the fashion industry that continue to withstand the test of time. Instantly recognisable, these patterns have inspired many fashion designers to create a myriad of garments. Patterns that have endured varying waves of “what’s in”.

Peper Harow Crimson Argyle men's luxury socks


Originating from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in Scotland, the Argyle pattern is used not only for kilts and plaids, but also for the patterned socks worn by highlanders as far back as the 17th century. There is a rich history attached to the Argyle pattern.

Jumping 300 years to the 20th century where the Argyle pattern became popular in Great Britain and the United States after the First World War. Made popular by Pringle of Scotland and the Duke of Windsor for golfing attire, this design was used in both jerseys as well as socks.

Jumping again to modern day, the Argyle pattern is one of the most recognisable patterns around the world, not just for being found on jerseys but also trousers, t-shirts, scarves and famously – socks. Just as the fashion designers were inspired, so are Peper Harow’s Argyle men’s socks inspired by this classic pattern, knitted in sumptuous Supima cotton.

Peper Harow Check Black Men's Luxury Socks


Yet more style borrowed from the Clans of Scotland from the 16th century, the Check pattern has many names and just as many variations from Gingham to Buffalo.

Springing forward into the 20th century, the Check pattern was made famous during the Second World War by actor Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca and by businessmen, creating a status symbol of the wealthy. From there the Check pattern became an iconic feature of the rebellious Vivienne Westwood.

Fast forward to modern day, the Check pattern is one of the most iconic around the world. From Milan to Paris, this ever-chic style hasn’t gone out of fashion since its inception. Still maintaining its status symbol, the Check pattern is used for garments such as jackets, shirts, underwear and even luxury socks. If the past is anything to go by, this classic design will be around for decades to come.

Peper Harow Luxury Men's Houndstooth Socks


The oldest known Houndstooth pattern dates to a garment uncovered in a Swedish peat bog dating back to between 360 and 100 BC however, the modern Houndstooth patterns familiar today hail, once again, from Scotland. Bearing a resemblance to the Check pattern, the Houndstooth, evolved into a sign of class in the early 20th century alongside the wide-ranging Check patterns thanks to Coco Chanel and Vogue.

Yet another timeless pattern, the Houndstooth is seen on everything from dresses, socks, jackets – with a special mention to Sherlock Holmes – and even car seats and will remain in public consciousness for a many a year to come. The Houndstooth sock pattern is a quirky yet stylish sock that every gentleman should have in their wardrobe.

Peper Harow men's luxury black pin stripe socks

Pin Stripe

A more recently developed pattern, yet just as classic and firmly entrenched in the modern fashion psyche, the Pinstripe was first used in the 19th century by banks to identify their employees. It wasn’t until the 20th century that the United States adopted the pinstripe for their jackets as well. For the dapper gentlemen of the early 20th century, pinstripe was the height of glamour, being worn by the (in)famous and wealthy. Both actors and mobsters alike could be seen hopping from nightclub to bar to gentlemen’s club, exemplifying the glamourous life and solidifying the suave style of the pinstripe in the collective minds of the world.

These days contemporary pinstripe can be found on everything from underwear to shirts to socks and offer a level of timeless style that is rare of recently created patterns.

Peper Harow gold Checkmate men's luxury socks

Peper Harow Goes Classic

Taking these classic patterns dating back decades – centuries, we have merged our own brand of quirky, modern, style into some of the most dashing luxury men’s socks. From the Pin Stripe to the Check, Oxford Stripe to the Checkmate, our contemporary men’s socks are the ultimate in men’s luxury socks. Luxury that gentlemen truly deserve.