Women's Spring Fashion

It’s finally time to store the winter coats away and update your wardrobe for one of the best fashion seasons: Spring! There’s nothing better than the mix of brighter days and mildly cool air to make the best outfit. Here are some must haves for this year's Spring Fashion.

Loose trousers

Give the jeans a break with a pair of loose fitting, airy trousers. These are a great staple as they can be dressed up to look more formal, or when paired well can become the perfect loungewear. If you’re looking to dress more fancy or heading into the office, pair them with a tight top half and a light coat for a put-together look. Otherwise, are you heading to the beach when it’s not quite warm enough for your shorts and sandals? Pair them with an oversized jumper and casual trainers and you’ll be cool and cosy.


Spring is the season of bloom. With nature coming alive again, why not celebrate it through your wardrobe? Adding a floral print is an essential for spring, specifically in dresses and skirts. However, why not get creative and add a floral print to some accessories. Our delicate women's socks are a subtle, yet elegant, way to add that spring vibe to your outfit when paired with a cute loafer or boot.

Midi skirts

The best part of leaving winter behind is being able to wear midi skirts again! The ideal piece for spring, they allow for a layer of warmth but are still flowy and breathable. They also come in all sorts of unique, beautiful patterns, so there’s something that everyone will like! They look great paired with mid ankle boots.


Blazers are a great way to dress up an outfit and get you looking more sophisticated and stylish. They’re versatile and provide enough warmth for the cool spring air. They also come in many different colours and fabrics. If you’re feeling bold, opt for a leather brown one, the earthy tone is great for spring.


Neutral colours have been in style for a while now, and spring is one of the best seasons to show them off. Since spring has so many different clothing options, you’re able to play with textures a lot more. Choosing light, neutral clothes which have different textures is a great way to have a simple, calm outfit which isn’t too boring.

Neutral outfits

Trench coats

Pretty much any good outfit becomes great when a trench coat is added. Keeping you the perfect temperature and adding a layer of drama and sophistication to your outfit, invest in a high quality one for the years to come. This is not just a one season wonder. 


Spring is the perfect season for trainers and loafers, as they aren’t as warm and intensive as thick boots. What’s also important is needing high quality and durable socks to wear underneath, that are also breathable. Getting a few pairs of luxury socks is the best way to guarantee you’ll be both comfortable and stylish this season. At Peper Harow, we have many designs and colours to choose from, whether you want to stick with the neutrals or add a pop of  looming spring colour, your needs will be met.

Woman wearing blue jeans and blue Paisley luxury ladies socks from Peper Harow

We hope this list inspires a spring clean of your wardrobe to make room for these great pieces. Shop here for our newest luxury spring socks.