A Singles Valentine's

It’s important for those of us who are single to feel loved and appreciated. With Valentine's day around the corner, we can’t think of a better day for you to treat yourself - regardless of your relationship status. Here’s a list of things to do and ways to spoil yourself this February 13th or 14th.

Spa day

Grab your girlfriends or take the day to yourself! Enjoy some calming, self care time spent being pampered and massaged. You’ll leave feeling like a whole new person.

Spa Day

Weekend away

Plan a trip with your besties and enjoy some time away! Go wild in the city or have some wholesome friendship time in a quiet location. Friendships are one of life’s greatest gifts, celebrate them this valentines day.

Movie night

Pick some of your favourite cheesy rom-coms and dive into the genre of love in film! Live vicariously through fictional characters whilst surrounded by snacks and chocolates. Don’t forget to snuggle up, with February being one of the coldest months of the year, we recommend getting your thickest blankets and bed socks to keep you warm.

Movie Night

Home-made pizza night

Transport yourself to the heart of Italy with an at home pizza making night! Hand roll the dough yourself into any shape you want, add your favourite toppings and a glass of wine with your bestie. Enjoy!

Cocktail evening

If you’re looking for an excuse to get dressed up and hit the town, this is perfect! Put your most glamorous dress on and enjoy a cocktail evening with your friends. Try get fancy with it and hit a bar with unique, fun cocktails instead of just the ordinary.


Spoil yourself

Valentine’s day is the perfect day to spoil yourself with something special. Here’s a list of a few ideas.

Flowers and chocolate

Flowers and chocolate have become a valentine’s day speciality, but who says you can’t buy them for yourself? Go to your nearest florist or grocery store and grab a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a delicious box of chocolates. You deserve it.

Candles and essential oils

There’s nothing better to help set the calming mood of your night-in this valentines day. Get the scented candles lit and the essential oils going, whilst enjoying a relaxing night at home.



Every jewellery box could use a new, beautiful piece. Take a trip to the mall or dive into some online shopping and pick something out you love. No one knows your style like you do.

Luxury bed socks

The gift of cosy and comfort for yourself. A pair of luxury bed socks provide the utmost warmth, keeping you toasty during the colder nights. At Peper Harow, we have an array of styles and colours to choose from - but what’s better is our yarn is sustainably and ethically grown and sourced. Made in England, our high quality is guaranteed.

Beauty products

Upgrade your makeup bag or self care bathroom cupboard. There’s nothing better than getting a new product for your skincare routine or to lather yourself with in the shower. We all love our staple products, so get a refill of some of your favourites or spoil yourself with something new.

Beauty Products

We hope this list gives you some fun and interesting ways to spend your Valentine’s day as a single, as well as some gifts to spoil yourself with! Shop here for the finest luxury gifts.