Men's Spring Fashion

Spring is one of our favourite seasons here at Peper Harow, simply because of one thing - the fashion! No longer needing to be wrapped up tight in winter coats, the opportunities are endless to create some great Spring outfits. Today, we are focusing on all things men. From styles to colours, here’s what you need to know for this year’s Spring fashion.

Pastel colours

Spring marks nature's revival. The best part about the season is seeing the colours come to life again. Pastel colours are great for Spring, as they’re not too harsh and give a clean, put together look. A light, airy piece perfectly encompasses what the season of bloom is all about.

Multiple pastel coloured shirts on hangers, credit to sorapong-chaipanya on pexels


The cool winter air is leaving, but summer still isn’t quite here, which means a shacket is the perfect addition to a daytime Spring outfit. They’re lighter than a regular jacket, whilst still providing a protective layer from the cool air. They also have the opportunity to look both smart and casual, allowing you to wear them to pretty much any occasion.


Denim never goes out of style. We love a denim on denim look. Grab yourself a new pair of trousers or the perfect jacket to elevate your outfits this season. The best part is, denim goes with literally anything, making it the perfect staple piece.

All neutrals

There’s just something about an all neutral outfit that we can’t take our eyes off. Mixing a combination of beige, cream and white, you can also play around a lot with textures to get yourself to stand out a bit more. This is also great for the light, airy look Spring calls for.

Man sitting wearing a full white suit, credit to cottonbro studio on pexels

Open collar shirt

You can’t go wrong with a breezy collared shirt. However, leaving a few buttons undone adds that extra bit of style to your outfit. It also leaves room for a great chain or necklace to be added in - get accessorising!

Trench coat

Spring can definitely still have a few chilly days and nights. A long trench coat is a great way to stay warm this season, whilst looking great. They make all outfits look put together, so throw it on top of pretty much anything and you’re good to go. This is a great staple piece for those days where you want to look great, but are maybe struggling to put together the perfect combination.

Man sitting wearing a trench coat looking at his phone, credit to Cottonbro Studio on pexels

Luxury socks

The perfect pair of Spring socks need to be breathable, durable and comfortable. At Peper Harow, we tick all of these boxes. With a wide variety of styles and colours, you’ll be sure to find something to go with your outfit. Whether it be a pop of colour, or that fancy neutral outfit, our socks will keep your feet feeling free and cared for.

Two pairs of Dash & one pair of red Diamonds new Peper Harow SS23 men's socks


The best piece of clothing to wear on a night out or to a formal dinner. A turtleneck paired with a trench coat, trousers and boots will never go out of style.

We hope this list has left you feeling inspired to create those great Spring outfits. Shop here for Peper Harow luxury socks, the perfect Spring accessory.