Why Dogs Eat Socks

A Dog and a Sock: The Love Story

A dog enters a room and finds a sock lying on the floor. He takes a few steps forward and examines it with caution, identifying what it is he’s looking at. He takes in the smells; then pauses for a moment. Suddenly, his head jolts forward and the sock is in his mouth faster than he’s out the door.

Dog staring at a sock on the floor

He runs around the house with his new pride and joy, presenting it to each human he comes across, and finally decides to rest in the shady patch out in the back garden. It is there that the sock is left, never to be seen again by its owner.

Does this sound familiar to you? Pretty much anyone who has owned a dog, or especially a puppy, has watched its love for the mighty sock grow – but why do they love them so much?

They actually just love you

Socks are filled with their owners' scents, probably more so than any other article of clothing, and it brings comfort to your dog being able to smell you. So, if anything, them stealing your socks is a sign of love.

Separation anxiety and stress

Going hand in hand with their love for you, smelling your scent may provide your dog with a sense of comfort whilst you’re away. Even if they’re just stressed whilst you’re with them, a sock may provide that extra bit of comfort to help relax them.

They’re bored

Dogs are simple creatures but they get bored easily. If they don’t have a new selection of chew toys to choose from, they’ll start looking for anything on the floor that’s new and exciting. So, if you haven’t cleaned up around the house, it’s not surprising that they would resort to a nice sock left on the floor.

A Dalmatian wearing pink socks.


There are simple things you can do to prevent your dog from eating your socks.

  • Make sure they get enough physical exercise so they’re not as full of energy.
  • Regular new chew toys to keep them busy.
  • Clean up your house so there’s no temptation on the floor.
  • Lastly, get them a pair of their own so they don’t need to steal yours.