Women's Autumn Style Guide

Autumn is easily one of the top seasons in terms of fashion. With scarves, jumpers, skirts and coats there’s so much opportunity to get creative.

It’s important to fill your wardrobe with some staple pieces that will allow you to create many different outfits, for years to come. Here are our favourite must-haves for 2022.

Woman wearing black hat and black leather jacket

Leather Jackets and Blazers

Leather jackets popularity can be traced back to the 1950’s, as a symbol of a more edgy look. Now in 2022, they’re still here! A statement, but classy, piece that can be worn casually for a day out shopping or thrown over a dressed up outfit for a night out. They’re great because they work for pretty much all occasions, elevating your look.

Blazer and Trouser Duo

Perhaps originally seen as work attire, the blazer and trouser duo has started making its way into outfits away from the office. Take a pair of matching pattern (our favourite is chequered) trouser and blazer, with a white tank underneath and you’re good to go!


One of the biggest surprises of recent fashion from the past few years: dungarees are back! They’re especially great for autumn as you can wear a cosy jumper underneath and a pair of Doc Martens to create the perfect, cute and wholesome OOTD.

Woman wearing tan jacket and chunky scarf.

Chunky Scarves

With the potential scarves have, why not wear one that stands out? Scarves have always been around and a great addition to a ‘fit on a colder day. However, they’ve been growing in size. Instead of a standard wrap around, try opt for a cosier, chunky one with a great pattern or pretty colour.

Midi Skirts and Dresses

Autumn hits that sweet spot where it’s cold enough to need to cover your legs but not too cold that you need to wear jeans. Hence, the midi skirts and dresses. Perfect to keep the autumn breeze away, providing enough warmth but allowing you to still dress cute. Paired with a cardigan and it’s the ultimate look.

Sweater Vests

We saw sweater vests make their comeback in 2020, but they have gotten anywhere just yet! They’re perfect for autumn as they allow you to layer up as the weather gets cooler, and are commonly made with autumn colours: browns, beige, white, maroons. They’re autumn in a clothing piece.

Plaid Skirts

Plaid skirts have always been an autumn favourite. You can wear a chunky jumper with a plaid skirt and black tights underneath; topping off the look with boots and a sock sticking out.

Statement Glasses

The golden accessory of the season. People have been getting creative with their eyewear, wearing large and fun glasses. Accessories are the perfect place to follow trends, as they’re less expensive and can be easily swapped out without creating waste. This is a trend that’s good to go.

Woman wearing leaf mint luxury women's socks from Peper Harow and blue jeans


The cosiest accessory for the cosiest season! As you transition from sandals and summer, socks are a great way to get yourself into the autumnal spirit. They allow you to add subtle hints of colour to your outfit or go for the standard black and white if you’re already wearing something busy.