The Perfect Wedding Day Socks

Grrom & Groomsmen at a wedding

Whether you are looking for a plain finish or a quirky add-on for your wedding style, think of Peper Harow.

Updated March 2024

Step into a new episode of your life with style and walk down the aisle with confidence. Whether you are going for sophistication, modern, or quirky, we have the perfect variety of luxury wedding socks for you, so get your suits ready and polish your look with Peper Harow socks.

Out with the old boring black wedding socks. Catch up with the new trends and get a pair of fashionable socks for your wedding. On this special day, every little detail matters so don't neglect the importance of keeping your feet comfortable. Peper Harow guarantees comfort and luxury with our Supima, Egyptian, Organic or Recycled cotton, from your walk down the aisle until the reception.

Groom - It is your day to shine, dress to impress her on the most important day of your lives. Go for the stylish blue Oxford Stripe socks - a trending colour for wedding season in 2024 - or the contrasting Oxford Stripe burgundy men's socks for a classic yet bold look.



Best man - when it comes to style, Peper Harow never disappoints. Liven up your look with our new Royal Flush green socks. We guarantee these as the best choice for you and your mate on the most important day of his life.


Groomsmen - Get (mostly) matching socks for the team and stand out from the crowd. One of our new quirky men's socks, the Jigsaw men's socks have been popular amongst grooms and groomsmen for a funky twist to the classic suit and tie.

If you’d prefer a classic enhancement to your wedding attire rather than something more eccentric, the cube luxury socks range for men will never disappoint! One thing to remember that no matter the theme, navy or black go with almost everything.

Planning for a wedding can be a long, difficult, but fun task, from the catering to the wedding photography, seating arrangements to venues but regardless of your theme, or your choice of outfit Peper Harow can make your wedding outfit planning that much easier.