Kickstarting Sustainability

We are always trying to create more sustainable socks and are proud to introduce these new collections that will be made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles this year through a campaign on

If you’ve followed us over the years, you’re aware of our journey towards yet more sustainable socks. We believe more can be done by clothing companies, including ourselves, which is one of the main reasons we want to introduce a recycled yarn addition to our already sustainable collections.

Peper Harow Navy Sport Sustainable Socks

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter has a wider audience, from many walks of life which means we can reach more people with the message of sustainability in the fashion industry. This campaign will help us raise awareness of not only how recycled yarn can be made into high-quality luxury socks, but also how recycled yarn – and slow fashion in turn – can help to improve the environment by reducing waste.

What is Kickstarter? is a website that provides companies and individuals (the creators) a platform with which to raise funds for creative projects that they wish to share with a large audience (potential backers) and turn ideas into reality. It works by giving creators a space to tell the world about their project through videos, pictures, and text. Creators will set a target funding level at which they can proceed with a project and will ask backers to help contribute towards that goal within a set timeframe.

A project can only go ahead on Kickstarter if it meets or exceed the target level by the end of the time set. Backers are offered different rewards depending on how much they pledge to the project.

When you make a pledge to back a project, you will be asked to create a login or login with Facebook, and your credit card details, NO MONEY WILL BE DEDUCTED from your account at this point, Kickstarter will only collect funds at the end of a successful project. Collected funds will then be transferred to the creator to use towards making the rewards that backers have selected. This way backers have no risk of losing money if a project is not successful.

Peper Harow Coral Casual Ribbed sustainable socks 



This project is very close to our hearts. It is a way for us to offer another option of sustainable socks, made from up to 80% recycled cotton and plastic, while maintaining our high standards of British made quality.

If you’d like to support this project, and receive an early bird reward, follow the link to our Kickstarter campaign here.