A Journey of Style: Blue Socks

In this second instalment of A Journey of Style, we’re talking about blue socks and all its various hues and the best ones to wear depending on the outfit and occasion.

Why Blue?

Blue is often associated with depth and stability, it symbolises trust, loyalty, wisdom, intelligence, and truth. Blue is also usually considered to have a calming effect on those around them and is often thought to stimulate clear thought and aid in concentration, and let’s face it – wearing a dapper blue suit just looks plain snazzy.


We’re starting casual… business-casual that is. One of the advantages of business-casual is the ability to choose from such a variety of designs and colours of shirts and socks! Matching your blue socks to your shirts can be challenging though. If you’re wearing light or pastel shirts, wear a pair of bold socks to get that spark of colour or navy socks to highlight the shirt even more.

Man wearing business casual suit and navy Triangle men's luxury socks by Peper Harow

Darker blue socks with a dash of red in like the navy Pin Stripe socks for light pink shirts, a pair of burgundy corduroy trousers and brogues, for example, are a perfect eye-catching contrast with each other. The blue Equilibrium organic cotton socks are a fitting pair of blue socks for those more pale outfits like white or pale shirts, blue denim jeans, and lighter coloured shoes or sneakers because they show off your calm personality without being too flashy.

Business Professional

Many companies and professional environments still prefer a smart suit to jeans and a shirt. This can be a little harder to style for but with the right flash of colour, your suit can go from mundane to spectacular. Most of the formal suits we’d wear to the office are navy or black, and while the ties and shirts need to be toned down, our socks can be bright and colourful.

For a navy suit and tie, try matching the tone of your socks to your tie. Burgundy is one of the most popular colours to wear with navy – something about deep blue and deep red just screams class, and socks are no exception.

Man wearing blue Lux Taylor men's luxury socks by Peper Harow

The navy Oxford Stripe socks are the perfect example of classic blue and red socks for a classic suit, but for a more contemporary style, (and a Peper Harow all-time best-seller) the blue Lux Taylor men’s luxury socks tick all the right boxes.


One of the most difficult things to do is style around a formal suit or formal occasion. The theme of the occasion matters, as does the suit you’re wearing. In this example, we’re styling around a black suit – or a tuxedo.

With formal attire like this, styling is very restricting. If you’re feeling experimentative you can wear some classy bracers, and attempt to match your blue socks to those, or if you’re feeling a little more conservative, match your socks to your pocket square!

As we all know, black goes with everything but certain colours go better with black than others. Fortunately, blue is one of those colours that go amazingly well with black. If your pocket square is a nice vivid blue, matching it with a similar colour of socks like the sapphire Chevron socks would work magnificently. The small white v-stripe design is one most well-known for being classy and with these socks, it’s no exception. Of course, with the darker navy pocket squares – or bracers – socks like the Lazurite Chevron cotton socks fit perfectly, even more so if there are stripes somewhere else in your outfit.


This is just a snippet of what’s possible with a little planning and style know-how. There are many other combinations of shirt, tie, pocket square and socks out there, however, blue in all its shades is one of the most popular colours, and easiest to match to and with such a variety of blue socks out there, you won’t want for choice!