Bringing Style to a Younger Generation

With Gareth Southgate making fashion headlines around the world, we thought we'd add our voice.

Showing such style on the sidelines of football has potentially opened up a whole new interest in dressing like a gentleman to younger generations the world over.

Despite the exuberance shown by Gareth Southgate during the match, his outfit stayed perfect, the sign of a well-tailored suit, one any true gentleman should aim for. With his contrasting Navy, Red and White tie - colours matching the flag - his light blue shirt, and the now-iconic waistcoat, he has assured that this dapper style will not go out of fashion for a long time to come. Having said that, (and we may be somewhat biased) we'd like to know what socks he was wearing, and, if we may offer some advice to those reading this, some amazing suggestions that may well set new trends.

Most men wearing dapper suits would prefer to wear plain, single colour socks and while that's a valid preference and more than acceptable, we prefer a bit more excitement in our wardrobe. From patterns to bright colours, many well-known men are upending outdated fashions by wearing colourful, bright, patterned socks with their formal attire, and we wholeheartedly approve. Instead of following fashion trends, set them. 

As for the exquisite outfit worn by Gareth Southgate, a nice pair of cotton Peper Harow socks would suit it nicely. Something in blue perhaps?