Black Tie... Socks?

Are we restricted to wearing dark or black socks at black tie events?

While black tie events and formal wear have fairly strict rules and etiquette for men, times are definitely changing.  Most would say dark, or black socks with an expensive tuxedo is the ONLY way to dress for formal events, we're here to tell you that it really isn't. While we can't comment on the expensive tuxedo (We would always recommend a professional, tailored tux), we do know our socks

Peper Harow colourful crimson Argyle black tie socks

If you've ever spent any time at a red-carpet event, or a black-tie work event, you may have seen the well-dressed executive or CEO in their tuxedos, black bow tie, shiny black shoes, and a splash of colour from their pocket square, and possibly a glimpse of their black socks. Boring right? Why should any eclectic gentleman wear black socks when the rest of their tailored outfit is already black, the tidy - safe - uniformity might be most people’s choice when it comes to black tie fashion, but for those of us that think outside the box, that want to make a statement should throw a bit of colour in our shoes.

Peper Harow colourful Oxford Socks

Having a bit of cheeky colour in your black-tie outfit could say volumes about the fact that you accept the rules but will bend them and make them your own too, and with just a bit of planning, your bright socks could even match your pocket square perfectly, for added effect.

Colourful Checkmate black tie socks

Someone with superannuated style might say it looks tacky, or immature, we here at Peper Harow, respectfully, disagree. It adds individuality to an otherwise monotone wardrobe and as a gentleman, following the crowd is NOT what we do. We tastefully set our own standards, show our own style and a flash of colour when we walk or sit down. This is the perfect way to show that while we can dress formally and follow the proper etiquette of formal-wear, we also make bold statements and think outside of the box.