Summer Weekend Style Guide

Sunny Days Ahead

It's going to be a sunny weekend! Here's our outfit guide for the stylish couple.

For a stylish weekend out, you just can't go wrong with burgundy or red, these warm colours are a go-to for anyone with great fashion sense and with Peper Harow London, your socks would match any outfit... and don't forget the hat!

If you prefer cooler colours, don't worry, there are thousands of choices for a cool outfit. We prefer a nice cool blue shirt and black denim because everything goes with black... Let's not forget the contrasting purple to add just the right splash of (complimentary) colour to yours and your partner's wardrobe.

For a simpler, smarter and cooler look, why not try white? Some people might say it's boring, but with the right addition, your monochrome outfit can go from 'oh' to 'woah!'

The most important part of these weekend tips is to stay cool while looking great and with the right colour combinations... and a bit of a cheeky splash of brightness... you can turn almost any wardrobe into a masterpiece.