Are You Wearing Socks In Summer?

With the horrid heat coming, we have some tips to stop the dreaded smelly feet, from socks to flip-flops.

According to the Met Office, last month was the warmest May in over 100 years with summer looking bright, hot and sunny, now would be a great time to look down... at your feet. With the summer heat comes sweat. Wearing the right pair of socks can be crucial, not only for style but also for health. If you're not sure, follow this small list. 

  1. The right socks - Natural materials, like cotton, draw the sweat away from your feet, helping prevent the bacteria that cause smelly feet, and let's face it.. socks are easier to wash than shoes.
  2. More than one pair - if you wear the same pair of shoes daily, especially without socks (you heathen you), it would be better to swap them out daily, to give them a bit of time to dry out and air.
  3. Wear flip-flops (or sandals) - If you spend a lot of time barefoot in public, chances are high that you'd pick up the dreaded athletes foot, from public showers at the beach, or the gym changing rooms after a hard workout. Wearing flip-flops or sandals reduces contact with any surface that might have come into contact with the contagious bacteria. 

This small list may help you during the coming heat, here at Peper Harow, we always recommend wearing socks, be it luxurious summer socks, formal business socks, or those well-loved pairs that have long turned into ankle warmers.. we may be biased, but sometimes they can be so much more stylish than shoes or being barefoot. 

Do you think they'd let us into black-tie events without shoes if our socks were smart enough?