Men's Autumn Style Guide

Autumn in 2022 has finally arrived, and with the change of seasons comes the change of outfits, styles, and trends. Gone are the shorts, t-shirts, and sandals of summer and while we’re sad to see those hot summer months go, we’re glad the weather is cooler because that means we can start styling our outfits to complement the multi-hued leaves, or even the vibrant sunsets!

Or go the complete opposite and dress as if it’s the first day of spring – but if you’re not sure or have some reservations on how to style the perfect autumn statement outfit, read on, as we’re looking at the colours that are “in” for the vivid season and the best socks to style around them.

Style by Colour

Styling by colour can be difficult, do you match your colours, or do you coordinate them? What colours do you choose? What occasions do you match or coordinate? It can be a hassle to do this every time you want to leave the house, but here are some colourful, trending, ideas that might help.

Mustard and Caramel Yellow

Traditional autumn colours, mustard, caramel and yellow are always a sure bet, but styling them can be a bit of a hit and miss.

Autumn leaves on grass

It can be challenging to match your outfit in different shades of mustard and caramel or yellow, no one wants to look like a banana after all. Sticking to various hues of the same colour though may give you a warm autumn look and feeling.

It’s usually better to wear dark colours on the bottom and brighter on the top, so if you’re going for matching colours, make sure the darker hue is on the bottom – and with the mustard Check luxury men’s socks or the butterscotch Polka Stripe socks, you’ll have that bit of colour pop that will finish off your outfit beautifully, or if you want a burst of colour you’ll never find fault in vivid yellow socks.

Cobalt and Peacock Blue

While not a typical autumn colour, this year it seems to have sprung up in the “charts” in all it’s glorious hues, from pastel to navy.

Blue is a favourite of many, and while it’s easy to throw together a matching outfit from vibrant cobalt luxury socks to that stylish pair of brand name jeans and your favourite shirt, coordinating the colours works better.

Man with feet up on stool wearing Peper Harow cobalt Square Mile men's socks

A pair of Khaki chinos with a classy light blue shirt will look impeccable. Another perfect combination is black and blue – a black shirt with light wash denim and to add a small burst of colour, the black Quad Stripe men’s socks would fit perfectly with this outfit.

 In summary, matching or coordinating depends on the style you’re going for as well as the occasion, a good rule to follow is that coordinating the colours is better, and much like a Bob Ross painting, dark to light!

Style By Clothing Type

Speaking off occasions, styling the perfect outfit for an occasion can be just as challenging as styling for colour. Is it ok to wear a burgundy suit to a formal event? Must you wear black to a black-tie event? The short answer is yes and yes. The long answer is yes, but you don’t need to limit yourself!

Man wearing stylish burgundy suit and gold watch

Formal & Semi-Formal

In formal or semi-formal settings – the same rules apply to this as the others, dark to light and coordination over matching! Most formal occasions, board meetings, weddings (as a guest), etc. call for formal suits and to most, navy, and black spring to mind.

These are the easiest colours to coordinate – dark to light – a nice white shirt and colourful tie are standard, but you don’t have to conform with your socks, here, you can shine!

For black and navy suits this autumn, red is always a great choice, red is the colour of confidence and power and that little flash of red from the cherry Polka Stripe or the red Triangle luxury socks will finish off your statement suit perfectly.

Man sitting on stairs wearing Peper Harow cherry Polka Stripe luxury socks

If you do want to wear a burgundy suit, give a black tie with black socks a try, olive will look impeccable as a tie and sock combo as well, without looking Christmas-y at all.


The easiest outfits by far, no restrictions or rules apply here. For those cool autumn days wearing what makes you comfortable is always the best thing to do, but if you want to add a dash of style, why not follow the colour trends? Sometimes it can be easier to follow what others are doing, or they may even give you a few ideas.

If you’re looking for that perfect “outfit finisher”, the luxury accessory turned necessity, then you can find a wide range of luxury socks, curated every year to follow the “in” colours of the season in our Autumn Socks collection.


Styling autumn outfits can be a challenge at the best of times, between matching and coordinating, what’s in and what’s not, what suits your skin tone and what doesn’t – even the event you’re going to can factor into your choice of outfit. The most important thing is to have fun with what you wear. Be a little quirky, dress to turn heads (in a good way!), and no matter the occasion or outfit, a stylish pair of colourful, luxury socks, is the cherry on the top, but we may be a little biased on that one.