The Best Luxury Gifts for Men In 2021

Another year gone (where does the time go!) which means another Christmas to plan for. A common complaint we always hear is that most men are extremely difficult to buy gifts for. Hopefully this guide on the best luxury gifts for men will help you get him that perfect, quirky, luxury gift in 2021.

Luxury William Wood watch on a fiery background


A gift that has always stood the test of time (get it?). Bad puns aside, a luxury watch is always something that’s appreciated as a gift for that special man. While taste in watches may differ from person to person, you can’t deny that these watches from William Wood Watches wouldn’t be an absolute treat for your partner.

Upcycling old brass British firefighter helmets, as well as offering upcycled firehose watch straps, these watches offer more than just luxury, they also allow you to be a part of strong British firefighting heritage.

They also support various firefighter charities and events around the UK and globally. Ranging in price from £395 - £2495, you can find out more about these luxury men’s watches and the inspiring William Wood Watches here.

Two glasses of whisky with reusable ice blocks on a table


Alcohol might be a bit of a cliché as far as gifts go, but we’re always of the opinion that a good whisky will always go down a treat for Christmas. And while there are a lot of whiskies out there, going off the metaphorical beaten path you tend to find incredible things, and Nc’nean is no different.

At £47.95, this smooth organic single malt Scotch whisky, with its flavours of citrus, peach, apricot, and spice, would be an absolutely exquisite – and sustainable – gift for him this Christmas. Made in their sustainable distillery in Scotland, they use 100% recycled glass for their bottles, natural cork stoppers, biodegradable tampers, and recyclable paper labels and cardboard gift tubes.

You can find out more about Nc’nean as well as get him a luscious gift here. Whether he’s just getting into whisky or is already an afficionado, this smoothly delectable whisky should be included in his pile under the tree. He’ll thank you later.

3 Peper Harow gift boxes full of luxury Peper Harow socks on a table next to a globe and a mini


Getting socks for Christmas is as staple as having a Christmas tree to begin with and following the path of luxury, quirky, sustainably made gifts for him, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our luxury socks made in England.

With colours that stay vibrant wash after wash, and impeccable quality, these Supima, Egyptian or Organic cotton socks are another perfect gift for him or even a stunning stocking filler. Whether you want a curated gift like the Oceanic men’s gift or would prefer to create your own gift, one thing for sure is that it’s not Christmas without socks.

With our curated gifts for men ranging from £45 - £119, you’ll find him something he, and his outfit, would love this Christmas.

A gold nibbed fountain pen

Fountain Pens

Fountain pens have always had a connotation of radiating luxury and while they’re not a traditional Christmas gift, they definitely rank high among unique gifts. Although fountain pens aren’t used much these days, that doesn’t mean a gift of one wouldn’t be beloved.

The perfect example of the perfect gift – the Flanders pen from Onoto. Crafted from copper retrieved from British artillery shells discovered in the Somme region in France and Ypres, as well as earth gathered from Essex Farm in Ypres, Belgium which has been mixed into the red enamelled poppy cap button – the same farm where ‘In Flanders Field’ was penned, this limited-edition fountain pen is as rich in heritage and history as it is luxurious.

Onoto shines with their wide range of impeccably crafted fountain pens made in England, and whether you get him a standard fountain pen or one of their special, limited-edition pens, these would make a gift he’ll always remember.


While it’s true that sometimes it can be difficult to buy gifts for men, a little walk off the beaten path will result in finding the ‘El Dorado’ of Christmas gifts, and it would all be worth it in the end. Hopefully this small gift guide has given you some ideas, or even helped you add a few things to your Christmas wish list – it certainly has mine.