Why Socks Should Be A Christmas Stocking Staple

Even though socks might seem like a Christmas stereotype they are fast becoming one of the top gifts you can give a man.

That is, of course, if you choose luxury, high-quality socks which make him feel extra special.

Luxury socks fall under the "affordable luxury" bracket, providing a great fashion accessory at a price that won't break the bank. Spending only £10-£20 on a luxurious pair of socks that make you feel a million dollars is well worth it. If that is not good value for money then what is? 

So what are the elements that indicate that you are making a good investment in quality men's socks?

  • First of all, you look for handwoven socks that show superior craftsmanship through their careful shaping.
  • Second of all, find socks that are made of fine materials like Pima cotton and Mercerised cotton as these provide the tactile pleasure we are all looking for. 
  • Finally, choose visually appealing socks: some choose luxury socks that have exquisite and bold colours and patterns while others go for the more solid and plain grey, black and blue socks.

The best thing about luxury socks is the extra bit of length which should stretch over the calf. We all know that a flimsy sock gathering at the ankles which reveals pasty leg skin ruins the effect of even the most elegant outfit.

People think that the master of funky, colourful socks is Paul Smith, however, we tend to disagree. We are the master of polka dots and virtuoso of the stripe. We can create masterpieces of bright colour and pattern that represent a true English gent.

No matter what type of socks you are looking for, here at Peper Harow we have luxury socks that suit any style and outfit.

So if you’re looking for a stocking filler this Christmas you could do worse than a luxury pair of Peper Harow socks.