Where Do Your Socks Disappear To?

This is a question that has troubled mankind since socks were invented, but technological advances made it possible for the enemies of socks to be born: washing machines that feed on the innocence of unpaired socks.

It seems that no matter what you do, how careful you are pairing up your socks when you take them off and put them in the washing basket, or when you transfer them from the washing basket to the washing machine, you will always end up with one or multiple rogue socks in your drawer.

We at Peper Harow have compiled a list from around the world of possible explanations for the mysterious disappearances of your socks. Some of the missing sock explanations are certainly more believable than others.


Funny Explanations
Real Explanations
  • They get taken away by Sock Gnomes through a well planned and developed secret operation led by the Head Gnome at Gnome Central.
  • Some socks have a telepathic link with each other. If you want to find the missing socks you need to take the remaining sock to a psychiatrist who will put this sock under hypnosis.  The sock will then connect with its twin and be able to tell you where it is.
  • A book "Poodles From Hell" explained that they get sucked into a parallel dimension called the Sargasso Sea of Socks.
  • The dry heat process can open portals to other realms. That is how socks have the ability to travel through time and space, showing up at random places.
  • Fairies sometimes steal them when you aren't looking and make clothes out of them. They have a shortage of cotton and wool in Fairy Land and it is a much-needed commodity.
  • Socks can sometimes get sucked out of the washing machine's "drum" and end up into the outflow pipe, causing your washing machine to stop draining the water.
  • They sometimes get stuck in the venting tube that makes the hot air from the dryer go outside (we don't recommend you tumble dry your socks)
  • Some people have found them in between the tub and the casing of the washer.
  • The socks usually fall down between the drum in the front or the rear and slip down inside and fall down into the lower part of the dryer.
  • Usually, it will go over the tub and get between the inner tub and the outer tub and be stuck down there until it jams up and you're calling the repair guy out to remove it
  • A favourite hiding spot for smaller items is in the pockets of fitted sheets and inside pillowcases.
  • Or you just lost it!