Top 10 Fun Office Pranks

As April Fools day approaches, it’s time to start thinking of a few great (but light-hearted) office pranks you can pull this year. We’ve created a list of our top 10 favourites for 2023. 

1. The desktop freeze

An iconic prank guaranteed to cause frustration and confusion. Take a screenshot of someone's desktop and set it as their wallpaper. Remember to make sure you hide their folders and menu icons in settings! They’ll be left thinking their computer has frozen for the day. 

2. The jump scare

A classic jump scare moment just never gets old. Make it more interesting by hiding in a cardboard box, instead of just behind a wall or door. Allow your colleague to spend a bit of time in the room with the box, letting their guard down, when you eventually come out they’ll be more shocked. 

3. The jelly stapler

Stapler in Jelly Prank

It wouldn’t be an office prank list without referencing the iconic TV show itself. Recreate arguably the best prank on the show by putting your co-workers stapler in some jelly and placing it in their drawer. 

4. The balloon mayhem

Before a big meeting with the whole team, fill the conference room with a bunch of balloons! It’s light-hearted and doesn’t cause a mess difficult to clean up - and who doesn’t love balloons? 

5. The ceiling horrors

First, you need to find a really good horror poster or photo that you know will freak out your co-worker. Then, place it on the ceiling above them. When they’re taking a momentary break from work, sitting back in their chair and glancing up, they’ll be given the freight of their lives! 

6. The poster spam

Do you have a colleague with a specific fascination they just won’t stop talking about? Whether it be a celebrity crush, animal or sport, print lots of photos of it and stick them all around their desk or cubicle. They might even love it. 

7. The wrapping paper

Another great hit from the TV show, The Office. Wrap someone’s entire desk - from table, to chair to pencil in wrapping paper. You can even get extra creative by picking a specific wrapping paper with images that relate to something they love (see “The Poster Spam” prank) This could also be a great prank to pull on someone’s birthday. 

8. The coffee spill

Spilled Coffee Prank

Go to the store or shop online and buy yourself a coffee spill mug. As self explanatory as the name is, this item basically looks like a mug spilled over with fake coffee coming out of it. Then, grab some important documents and place them under your coffee spill mug on your co-workers desk. This is guaranteed to get the heart racing! 

9. The photo swap

This prank can be done in many different ways, but basically involves swapping the images of family photos people have on their desks. You can either take two colleagues photos and swap them, so they have an entirely different family sitting on their desk, or you can edit the photo they keep themselves. Cut out a photo of someone else’s face - whether it be a member of staff or celebrity - and stick it on the photo. See how long it takes them to notice. 

10. The extra pages

Extra Pages Prank

When your co-worker is wanting to use the printer, add a few blank pages to the print queue first. They’ll think the printer is broken! 

We hope you have gained some inspiration for this April Fools day. Remember to choose wisely who you perform these pranks on, and the time in which you do them. Those are important things to keep in mind in order to pull off a perfect, light-hearted prank!