A Memorable Commemoration

If you’ve ever dreamed of taking a walk on top of historic royal medieval mosaic flooring - you’re in luck! From the 15th of May to the 29th of July, just after King Charles’ Coronation, visitors will be able to walk the floor where the event took

A man and woman wearing Men's & Women's Coronation Socks from Peper Harow

This spot, labelled as one of Britain's greatest medieval treasures, has never before been open to the public. It’s either been roped off or covered in carpet, so you can become one of the first members of the public to gain access to it. But, what are the conditions? You have to wear a great pair of socks! This is vital to maintain the quality of the mosaic and prevent any damage. 

The floor has great history - including being the place where Queen Elizabeth II coronation took place - so all measures to ensure it remains unharmed will be in place. It was originally created in 1268 by an Italian craftsman who was commissioned by Henry III. It was named Cosmati, after its creator. Many of the stones used are from Roman ruins, brought to England by Cosmati himself - as  well as from Italy, Egypt, Greece and Turkey. 

Mosaic floor in a church

Westminster Abbey, where the floor is located, expects a high demand for this attraction, so visits will be by booking only! For just £15 you’ll be given a group tour of the area, where you’ll see not only the flooring but the official 700 year old “Coronation chair”, which so many great royals have sat in.

As a proudly British luxury sock company, we couldn’t think of a more exciting event for us! To walk across the mosaic in a high quality pair of socks, made in England, shop here

We hope you enjoy the fun day out!