It's Time Our Socks Stood For More

It’s Time Our Socks Stood For More Than Just Accessories


Many of us have spent years buying the cheapest pairs of socks we could find because socks aren't fashion... right? Wrong. With growth for luxury men's fashion set to overtake women's fashion in the coming years, and men's fashion becoming more prominent and popular, it only stands to reason that our opinions need to change on socks being an afterthought too. Something that happens often when reading fashion advice for men, is that more often than not, the socks are often forgotten, or just has a small excerpt, a sentence or two even, added right at the end. Here we hope to shed a little light on our favourite fashion necessity.

We've all seen the common advice of "Wear dark or neutral coloured socks only." or "Your socks must match your trousers or your entire outfit is ruined.", but now is the time to put those myths to bed. There are usually very limited - acceptable - options for men's formal wear at the moment which, admittedly, is improving over time. Our socks are truly one of the areas we can have fun and be unique with our outfit, not by matching our socks to our trousers, but by having vibrant, colourful socks that match our tie, or pocket square, or bracers, or even not at all!

Men's socks, is an oft-neglected area and forgotten by most people when looking for new styles or fashion advice, however, it's a place one can stand out and its high time that we, as men, start having fun with our formal wear - but more than that, being confident in what we wear, not with just what's visible when we're standing, but also those short flashes of bright colour as we walk, or sit that add personality and character to our outfits.

Confidence is key to wearing outfits that turn heads, to show the nay-sayers that vibrant socks DO work and provide comfort in doing everything we do as stylishly as possible.