5 Tips On Setting A Great First Impression

No matter your beliefs on men's fashion, first impressions are everything. Here are 5 tips on setting a great impression, no matter the occasion.

1. Wear Clothes That Aren't Creased

While this shouldn't need to be said, I've seen many people do this. Don't... not only does this make someone look shabby, it makes their clothes look unwashed and the person look unkempt and as if they don't care about outward appearance. A quick ironing is all it takes and it truly does make the world of differences.

Wrinkled shirt

2. Wear the Appropriate Clothing for the Occasion

While individuality is something to be celebrated, it's one of those, "within reason", situations. Every man needs to find his own style but showing up to a wedding, or going to the fanciest restaurant in town, in jorts and a t-shirt is really just tacky. Think ahead and plan your outfit appropriately for where you'll be going and what you'll be doing.

Businessman on phone wearing smart suit

3. Buy or Wear Clothes that fit properly

Comfort is something that we all need to take into account when trying on new clothes, no matter the style we're going for, having said that though, making sure your clothes fit properly is one of the most important things in setting a good impression. As an example, showing up to an interview in baggy or ill-fitting trousers or a suit not only makes one look as if they're wearing their father's clothes, it makes them look as if they take no pride in their appearance.

Boy wearing large man's suit

4. Have a bit of fun with your outfit

Having a bit of fun with your outfit... within reason... would make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed. We're not saying you should go out and wear a gaudy neon-green suit to your business dinners, but adding a splash of colour here and there, a polka dot tie that's coordinating with your polka socks, or a matching pocket square and suspenders would inject a bit of life in an otherwise monochrome tuxedo or suit.

Man wearing Peper Harow Checkmate neon socks

5. Be yourself - experiment

As the saying goes, "rules are made to be broken." but if you're not comfortable in your own style just yet, or you're just starting out on the road to fashionable freedom, try and experiment a bit. Find something small, something bright, that you would love to wear, be it cufflinks or a pocket square or even some snazzy socks and give them a try. Doing this you'll soon discover what works for you and what doesn't, and just like everyone needs to find themselves, everyone needs to find their own style.

Hopefully, this short list has helped you, even in some small way, on the road to a stylish, fashionable and more presentable you.