8 Ways to Relax the Day Away

With National Relaxation Day coming up, we wanted to help you destress as much as possible. Here are some things you can do to celebrate the day the best you can.

 1. Reading a good book or snuggling in front of the TV

Woman wearing aqua Ribbed Cuff women's bed socks by Peper Harow while laying on a sofa

Whether you’re a book or film person, we can all agree there’s nothing better than getting cosy on the couch; with a cup of tea, blankets and comfy socks and taking some time for yourself.

 2. A nature getaway

Walking through a cool forest to relax

Being surrounded by nature is sure to relax you. Prepare in advance and book yourself in for a secluded getaway either alone or with some of your favourite people. You can go for walks, enjoy the scenery, do some cooking, and take in the fresh air.

 3. Go for a walk

You don’t have to go on a special holiday to enjoy a good walk. From finding a scenic route to just walking around your neighbourhood, the power of exercise is sure to provide your body with the benefits it needs to feel healthier and thus more relaxed afterwards. Make sure you wear protective shoes and breathable trainer socks to make the experience more enjoyable.

 4. Yoga and meditation

When you think of yoga you may think it’s a bit too much exercise for a day that’s supposed to be about relaxing, but with the right yoga, you will find yourself clearing your mind and feeling relaxed even whilst you’re in the middle of it. To fully wind down after, try a slow breathing meditation, to help regulate your body.

 5. Less screen time

You've probably heard it loads of times but being on your phone for hours throughout the day can be a major contributor to stress. So, take the day off. Participate in the rest of the activities we’ve listed and put your phone away for 24 hours.

 6. Get creative

You don’t have to be good at art to participate in it. Just taking some time to create something yourself can be relaxing, so grab a paintbrush or pencil and get going without any judgement of what the outcome is.

 7. Use an oil-diffuser

There’s something therapeutic about oil diffusers as they omit calming scents that help your body to relax. Put your diffuser on whilst you’re sat in a room and let it add to the relaxing ambience.

 8. Have an early night

There really is no better cure than a good night’s sleep. Treat yourself with a fresh pair of pyjamas and set of clean sheets and drift off to sleep. Of course, we’re bias, but top it up with a pair of comfy bed socks and it’ll be the cherry on top of a great, stress-free day.