Recycled Cotton

Recycled Cotton Blend:
The yarn used in our sustainable products is made from 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled polyester, all of which is 100% Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certified.

Our recycled cotton blend reduces textile waste, saves water, and minimizes the carbon footprint of production, as it requires less energy and resources than producing new cotton or polyester.

By using recycled cotton and polyester, we give a new life to post-consumer waste and reduce the amount of textile waste that ends up in landfills.

Fair Practices:
Our recycled cotton is made from pre-consumer cotton t-shirt offcuts created during the manufacturing process and post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Our recycled cotton blend is durable enough to be used in sport socks, but stylish enough to be used as a fashion accessory, providing versatility in sustainable fashion.

Supporting Circular Economy:
By using 100% GRS certified recycled cotton and polyester, we support the circular economy, where waste is reused and repurposed instead of discarded, promoting a more sustainable and responsible approach to consumption.

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