Our unique Personalised socks were featured in Vows and Venues

Vows and Venues

Peper Harow Personalised Socks in Vows and Venues

The lovely Blue & Taupe Victoria Women's Socks were featured in Stella Magazine, and the Purple Starfall Men's Socks in Boutique Magazine!

Stella Magazine

Peper Harow Featured In Stella

Boutique Magazine

Purple Starfall Socks Featured In Boutique Magazine

Perfect wedding socks were featured in Sussex Wedding and the Men's Sock Subscription was a recommended gift this past Christmas in SO Magazine.

Sussex Wedding Magazine

Groomsmen Socks

SO Magazine

Peper Harow London Sock Subscription

Peper Harow socks were seen in Menswear Style and The New Collections.

Menswear Style

Peper Harow London in Menswear Style

The New Collections

Peper Harow London & TNC

Polka socks were recommended in Men's Health magazine and on LDN Fashion.

Men's Health

Mens Health & Peper Harow London

LDN Fashion

LDN Fashion & Peper Harow London

Peper Harow's  'Tritle', 'Andover Stripe', 'Diamond Square' and 'Stripe of Pin' were featured in GQ magazine. 


GQ & peper Harow London


Peper Harow London & GQ

Peper Harow's Starfall socks were covered by the Times Magazine and featured in CFM Lifestyle.

The Times

Times Magazing & Peper Harow London

CFM Lifestyle

Peper Harow London In CFM

Peper Harow's signature Executive Bag was recommended in The City Magazine in May 2016 and our socks were featured in Fashion Beans

The City Guide

City Guide Peper Harow London Leather Bags

Fashion Beans

CFM Lifestyle

Express & Star magazine covered Peper Harow. Peper Harow was also featured on Gentlemans Butler's website.

Express & Star

PHL in Express & Star

Gentleman's Butler

Gentleman's Butler Peper Harow London