What's The Perfect Exercise For You?

2023 has begun and with that comes the list of New Years resolutions. Everyone's is unique, but there will always be those few we share in common - learn a new skill, save money, get more organised - and of course, the ever popular, exercise more. Why is it that this gets added to our goals each year, but is something most of us can't seem to stick to? It's because you need to find the right kind of exercise that works for you and actually makes it enjoyable. There are so many different ways to get your body moving this new year, we wanted to create a list of a few as some inspiration.


Going for walks was something we all started to embrace during lockdowns, but shouldn't be forgotten as life starts to return to normality. Walking is one of the best forms of exercise for you - it's not too intensive, encourages you to get out the house, can be done somewhere new you haven't explored yet and you can invite a friend along too. Try to go for at least an hour long walk each day to build strength and burn excess calories, as well as improve mental health. Get your steps in!

Man playing basketball


This may not be for everyone, but sport can be a fun and social way to get your exercise each week. Finding a sport you enjoy can take the dread out of  exercise, as well as make you feel part of a team and have others to hold you accountable in showing up. There are many sports to choose from - football, tennis, squash and rugby to name a few. So get experimenting and find one that works for you.


Runners high is a term you should be familiar with, the great sensation you get after running for a certain amount of time. This is great exercise for those who like something more intensive than walking, and can be a great stress reliever whilst getting you physically fit. It also comes with all the added benefits of walking (exploring new places and the ability to invite a friend along too). It's also free, so you don't have to break the bank with a gym membership. Running can take a physical toll on the body, specifically the legs, feet and ankles so making sure you have the right running equipment is a must. Investing in a quality pair of running shoes and comfortable, supportive luxury sport socks will make your running journey a lot smoother.

Man running on Treadmill - Photo by William Choquette - Pexels


You can't have a list of potential ways of exercise without finding gym on it. Gym can be a great way to get fit, with access to all the machines and equipment you need, take the pressure off yourself and start slow and you'll see results soon enough.

Man on a spin bicycle

Spin & Cycling Classes

Keeping in tune with the gym theme, many places offer spin and cycling classes. These can be great fun pushing your body to the limits within a group of people and a teacher to support you. Check if your local gym offers any classes, otherwise find an independent class near you. Get ready to sweat!


For those lucky enough to live somewhere warm or have access to an indoor pool, swimming may be for you. Swimming long lengths helps to build stamina, improve coordination and relieve stress. It's a great solo activity and provides a space to relax and cool down after a workout, so get your goggles on quick!

People hiking - Photo by Eric Sanman - Pexels


Hiking can be a beautiful and potentially extensive way to get more exercise. Start off with easier trails and work your way up to the more difficult, as you see your fitness levels progress. This is a great way to spend time in nature too, having great benefits on mental health. As mentioned before, having the right protective and supporting clothing is essential for a better hiking experience.

Woman doing yoga - Photo by Chevanon Photography - Pexels


A relaxing and muscle building exercise, yoga has been long overlooked as a way to get fit. As you progress, you'll feel the strength in your body build up and it'll feel like a great achievement reaching certain poses you may not be able to do when you first start.


Many people may not realise the physical benefits dance has on your body, but it's quite obvious when you really think about it. Dancing can be intensive and lead to great physical fitness when done right. It's easy to work up a sweat whilst dancing, which is exactly what we want to see when trying to get fit as dancing helps to build muscle and tone the body. There are also so many variations of dance to choose from - some involving partners and others being capable of  being done solo - find what works best for you.

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