Top 10 Favourite Peper Harow Gifts

As Christmas is around the corner, it's time to start thinking of what to gift your loved ones this year. At Peper Harow, we love Christmas, and have some great gift boxes, hand-selected to make someone smile on any special occasion. We created a list of our top 10 favourite Peper Harow gifts, to hopefully help inspire your gift giving.

1. Indulgent Cashmere Ladies Gift Box

One of the newest ranges we have released, but quickly a top favourite. Our Indulgent Cashmere gift box features our cashmere socks in colours red, beige and blue. The word indulgent is no exaggeration, as these luxury socks are divinely soft to the touch, whilst keeping you protected and comfortable throughout the day. This gift box also comes in a men's version.


    • Indulgent Cashmere Red Women's Socks
    • Indulgent Cashmere Beige Women's Socks
    • Indulgent Cashmere Blue Women's Socks

    2. Fierce Ladies Gift Box

    Our fierce ladies gift box is for the ladies who love to spice things up, There is nothing quite like a pop of red to take an outfit to the next level. This gift box has been hand-selected with three designs which do just that perfectly. 


      • Paisley Burgundy Women's Socks
      • Vertex Red Women's Socks
      • Ouse Red Women's Socks

      3. Nautical Ladies Gift Box

      We know not everyone loves to be so daring, or not every outfit calls for it, which is why we love the nautical gift box for days that call for a bit more calm. These lovely shades of blue bring a more relaxed energy, whilst still looking great and adding some dimension to an outfit.


        • Elizabeth Blueberry Women's Socks
        • Grid Blue Women's Socks
        • Oblique Mint Pink Women's Socks

        4. Sorbet Ladies Gift Box

         The perfect gift for the bubbly women out there! Our sorbet gift box contains pink and orange hues, mixed with great designs. These vibrant colours and subtle patterns make for a great combination to any outfit. 


          • Dash Pink Women's Socks
          • Zigzag Mustard Women's Socks
          • Oblique Lilac Women's Socks

          5. Blackcurrant Ladies Gift Box

          Who doesn't love purple? The blackcurrant gift box has been hand-selected to contain our socks with the richest purple, and pink, colours as we know how impactful this can be on an outfit. Gift this to the lady in your life who likes to stand out. They're also comfortable and protective, giving the wearer peace of mind that they're taken care of for the day - in both comfort and style. 


            • Parallel Purple Women's Socks
            • Ouse Pink Women's Socks
            • Grid Purple Women's Socks
            • Mary Wine Women's Socks

            6. Cupid Men's Gift Box

            This gift box screams love! In our divine pink and orange hues, we selected some of our favourite socks to create a match made in heaven. These socks add a lovely pop to any outfit, and allow for a great gift for the special man in your life.


              • Checkmate Pink Men's Socks
              • Disruption Burgundy Men's Socks
              • Classic Salmon Men's Socks

              7. Suave Men's Gift Box

               The great thing about keeping things classic is that it never goes out of style. Our suave gift box is for men who love to look dapper and keep to what they know works best. A traditional pin stripe design, for the traditional men.


                • Ash Pin Stripe Men's Socks
                • Crimson Pin Stripe Men's Socks
                • Black Pin Stripe Men's Socks
                • Pink Pin Stripe Men's Socks

                8. Organic Men's Gift Box

                This is a great gift for those who want to have less impact on the environment. Whilst all our socks are made and packaged sustainably, our organic gift box takes it to the next level, as they're made from organic cotton. These designs come in vibrant blue and yellow hues, and their quality remains impeccable.


                  • Equilibrium Yellow Men's Socks
                  • Symmetry Blue Men's Socks
                  • Paisley Cream Men's Socks

                  9. Triangle Men's Gift Box

                  One of our best designs featuring great colours. The triangle design has become a staple for many, as it features a unique and striking pattern in beautiful colours. They make for the perfect accessory for gentlemen. Made from Supima cotton, they're soft and comfortable, whilst providing protection and the durability needed to get through the day.


                    • Triangle Royal Blue Men's Socks
                    • Triangle Maroon Men's Socks
                    • Triangle Navy Men's Socks
                    • Triangle Red Men's Socks

                    10. Timeless Men's Gift Box

                    We love this gift box, as it really is 'timeless'. These designs are all unique to each other, providing a range of options for your weekly wardrobe, whilst all being classy and traditional. The colours have been kept subtle, with the designs adding just the right amount of flare.


                      • Grad Polka Grey Men's Socks
                      • Oxford Stripe Mustard Men's Socks
                      • Diamonds Grey Men's Socks
                      • Mosaic Grey Men's Socks
                      • V-stripe Grey Men's Socks

                      We hope this list has helped to shed a light on some of our great gift boxes at Peper Harow. Click here for more.