The Perfect Christmas Gift

Until recent years, socks have often been considered a fallback gift choice for Christmas, but luxury socks are fast becoming the perfect Christmas present for the ultimate gentleman.

The fun, quirky, elegant and luxurious Peper Harow sock styles make them a great choice for your loved one at Christmas.

Giving socks as a gift may once have brought a slightly forced expression of gratitude when received as a Christmas present, but our luxury sock gift boxes are always accompanied by genuine pleasure and excitement. A pair of our fine socks are an elegant, beautiful and pleasurable present that are valued and treasured as time goes by. We want you to re-evaluate this fashion accessory just like we did and push it up your Christmas wish list.

Why are socks the perfect Christmas gift?
  • Our luxury socks are a stylishly subtle way of displaying colour for a conservative businessman and are replacing the old "funky" ties or patterned suspenders, as the fashion accessory that everyone should have.
  • They are made of durable but luxurious materials, meaning your special sock gifts not only feels great but lasts too.
  • Funky men's socks are elegant fashion accessories which are highly appreciated by style icons and movie stars all over the world. Simple black socks are no longer top dog, with more people appreciating and exploring the quirkiness of patterned or coloured socks.