Peper Harow x Ayame Collaboration - An Interview with the Designer

We are so excited to announce that we have partnered with Ayame, a Japanese designer, to create our latest range of luxury socks. We have admired the work of Ayame for a long time, and feel honoured to get to work with them. Together we have created a range of unique, colourful, quirky and sustainable socks which you can now get your hands on.

To celebrate our collaboration, we wanted to get to know the designer more and a bit about their work and creative process.

An Interview with Ayame

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and how do you start your Ayame’ sock brand in 2007? 

When I started my own sock brand Ayame’ in 2007, there were not many creative and fashionable sock brands on the market. Also, people didn't really pay their attention to socks at the time. I was always thinking of what would be next in fashion, and I was quite sure that it was creative socks. I had formerly worked at a mega sock company in Tokyo for 5 years as an in-house designer. Therefore I gained enough experience and connection with the sock factory. After 5 years of experience, I was ready to create socks that I liked myself. 

Why do you decide to do a collaboration with Peper Harow? 

Ayame’ socks have had good relationship with the UK as we have stocked at premium UK stores for a long time such as Liberty, Selfridges and Browns. The UK fashion enthusiasts love Ayame’ socks and I also love UK products. I thought there are some great connections between the two things and it was a good opportunity that we do a collab with Peper Harow. 

What is your sock design inspiration for AW23 collab collection? 

I don't basically set up the specific theme when I design, Ayamé is the expression of my aesthetic values and feelings toward creation. These are reflected in my life. I believe that, with a little help, everyday life can be dramatic, intriguing, inspiring and effortlessly glamourous. My background, all the elements that surround me, the people in chaotic cities, the food, all I sense in the environment reflects on who I am. These things from my everyday life inspire my thoughts and that is how the Ayamé collection is created. 

Which design is your favourite from the Ayame x Peper Harow collab collection? 

The Thunder socks.

What does sustainable fashion mean to you? 

One of important things is that you wear the clothes made by sustainable materials. Also, that you love what you wear and think of the processes of how it was made and by whom. A sustainable future will be realised by each and every person thinking in this way. 

How do you find British made and Japanese made socks are better than the socks produced elsewhere?  

Both have their own individuality. 

The Ayame Range

There are four designs each for both male and female, with each design coming in a variety of different colour options. We used recycled and organic cotton, as this allows for a luxurious and supportive sock, whilst having less impact on the environment. 

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