Keeping Cosy Without The Cost This Winter

As the summer sunshine starts to disappear and the autumnal chills begin, the number one question on everyone’s mind is, “How am I going to afford the heating this year?” The UK is currently experiencing one of the worst energy crises it's seen in decades, so what does that mean for keeping warm this winter? It’s time to get creative on what you can do to remain cosy without the cost.

Layering Up

Joey Layering up for winter

One of the most obvious, but effective, ways to keep warm. However, when at home you want to be comfortable, so wearing a large coat wouldn’t be the most ideal solution. Invest into a few soft, comfy clothes to be layered up whilst you’re at home.

Here are some of our top recommendation clothing pieces:

  • Hoodie blanket - to literally walk around with a blanket on you at all times! You can’t go wrong. They’re thick and soft, and can also come in some really cool designs - from avocados to tie dye to plain blush pink, there’s something for everyone.
  • Thick bed socks - did you know that warming up your feet significantly helps to warm up the rest of your body? Making sure you always have a good pair of quality socks on is a must this winter. To avoid thin socks which don’t provide much warmth, invest in a luxury pair that will actually make an impact against the cold.
  • Slippers - To add an extra layer and keep your socks from getting ruined, opt for a thick pair of slippers with a soft lining.

Woman with blanket and warm drink.

Heated Blankets

Although heated blankets still require electricity, they use significantly less than central heating. Snuggle up on the couch for the evening with one of these and create your own bubble of warmth.

Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles can be used as an alternative to a heated blanket, as they can remain warm for 1-2 hours; the perfect amount of time to watch a film or allow yourself to drift off to sleep. The only cost involved is boiling the kettle!

Hot Drinks

Warming up your body by starting from within! Not only are hot drinks delicious, but they’re effective in heating your body up quickly. You can go for the staples of tea, coffee or hot chocolate - but we encourage you to get creative this season in trying something new at home!

Cup of steaming lemon tea.

Some favourites to look at are chai tea, matcha - and of course, the iconic pumpkin spice latte. Who says hot drinks at home have to be boring?

Winter Duvet

The weather changes so much in the different seasons, it’s important to adapt your bedding accordingly. Store away the summer sheets and get yourself a duvet with a high tog count to keep you warm all night long. We recommend anything from 10.5 tog and above.

Thermal Clothes

One of the greatest inventions to date to protect against the cold! Thermal clothing helps to keep your body at the right temperature. That means keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer, so you’ll be able to use these all year round.

There are many different kinds of thermal clothing - leggings, underwear, tops, jackets. Whatever you’re most comfortable in at home, grab a thermal version of it and you’re set.


Woman wearing Peper Harow luxury bed socks.

We hope this list has provided a few different ways for you to be able to keep warm this winter without the electricity bill going through the roof. For the perfect socks to wear this winter take a look at our cosy men's and women's Bed Socks range.