A Very Sockful Christmas

If you've tried to buy anything for a guy for Christmas, ever, you know it's not quite as easy as it sounds. We're going to try and help you turn this year’s festive season into a very sockful Christmas.

There are a few types of guys out there when it comes to gift lists.

  1. The ‘I Don't Know’ - This is one of the hardest types of people to buy for, either they haven't given it any thought, or there's too much they'd like and don't know where to start. That's ok though, there's light at the end of the tunnel, and no, it's not a train. We're talking about gift cards! One of the best things you can give someone who doesn't know is the gift of choice, it might seem cliché, but it's something the indecisive may value greatly.

  2. The ‘Anything’ - Another difficult one as far as planning Christmas gifts go. These types of people are happy with anything you buy, which ironically, makes it much harder to buy something. Show them how well you know them by buying them something a little different, a subscription to something they like, or even creating your own gift for them may be more sentimental than just buying a nice jumper from a department store.

  3. The ‘Anything From’ - Slightly easier than The Anything, these people love buying from certain shops and would love anything from those shops. The same applies to them as the ‘Anything’ though, look for something a little different. subscriptions or create your own gift are a perfect gift for these types of people. If the shop doesn't offer those, there's no harm in asking!

  4. The ‘List’ - The final type is The List. These people are the easiest to buy for, they give you a list of shops, what they'd like from those shops, in a colour-coded, neatly bound folder... ok they may not be THAT fastidious, but the ease of buying them gifts stands. They'll give you a list to choose from and most likely tell you where you could possibly get it. These people are a dream to buy gifts for so cherish them at Christmas because they're few and far between!

Hopefully, this summary has helped a little in your Christmas gift-buying endeavours this year, whether they love socks or not, or it's just given you an idea on what to get them, we're glad we could help either way!

We hope you have a socky Christmas.