A Journey Of Style: Yellow Socks

In this third instalment of A Journey Of Style we’re taking a walk down the yellow brick road to brighter, more vibrant, outfits. We’ll be talking about the vibrance that yellow socks bring to outfits as well as a few other colourful meritorious mentions. 

Why Yellow?

Yellow is often associated with energy, clarity, freshness, optimism, enlightenment, happiness and positivity among others. It’s usually considered to have an energising effect on those around it. In this current world climate, a little optimism, happiness, and positivity go a long way. 


Whether casual, business-casual or formal, yellow is one of the most difficult colours to wear and advice is usually to use it sparingly. This is the biggest advantage of a quality pair of vibrant yellow men’s socks! You can have the confidence to wear yellow socks with your casual outfit without worry of feeling like you’re a banana. If you’re struggling to match colours with yellow give black a try, these two colours complement each other perfectly but if black isn’t your thing either blue, white, grey or charcoal will go swimmingly.

Man wearing Peper Harow bumblebee Hilltop luxury socks standing on a log

Another thing to take note of when styling with yellow is your skin tone. For pale or fair-skinned men, lighter shades of yellow would make you look washed out and even paler so wearing darker shades of yellow would look better and be easier to style. Mustard socks, or even orange socks may work where light yellow does not. For darker skinned men, the world is your oyster, yellow socks in any shade complements your skin tone beautifully, so the only thing you’d have to match is your stylish outfit.


Wearing yellow socks with business-casual outfits is another way you can really express yourself through what you wear. For most people, business-casual means jeans and a smart shirt with smart shoes, or even more casual, yet smart looking, shoes. This is a bonus for us yellow sock-wearers, blue is one of the best colours that complement yellow so you’re already half-way there!

Man wearing white business casual trousers and Peper Harow Checkmate gold luxury socks sitting on a wall

Depending on what colour shirt is in order for the day, a flash of funky yellow or even orange patterned socks could make your outfit stand out from the more ordinary and standard (read boring) office outfits. A lovely flash of mustard socks for example, with a lilac or even a purple shirt would turn heads! 

Professional & Formal

While many professional or formal dress codes prohibit bright colours they don’t stop you from wearing colourful socks and this gentlemen is where we can shine. Most suits are black or navy and most formal shirts are white, so the majority of the work is already done. Matching your socks to your tie is one classic way of doing it, but most of us won’t be wearing yellow ties. However, blue, or red are the most popular tie choices, and a splash of orange socks with a hint of blue thrown in or just plain yellow would set fire to your outfit.

Man wearing smart black trousers and smart brown shoes with Peper Harow mustard Oxford Stripe luxury socks

If you’re more of a traditionalist or are just starting your journey of style, a slightly less vibrant mustard pair of luxury socks could seal the deal while giving you a little more confidence to start experimenting with more quirky designs and colours. 


While styling with bright yellow socks is a little more intricate than with a deep navy pair, it’s well worth it to get that little bit of pzazz that’ll bring life to the room with every flash of your socks, or even just to bright up your outfit. Yellow, orange and mustard are difficult colours to style with, but once mastered, will definitely turn heads.

Colour Wheel

If you’re having trouble, give the above colour wheel a look at to pick out the best complementary colours!