A Journey Of Style: Red Socks

In this first instalment of A Journey Of Style, we’re going to talk about red socks, and the perfect occasions to wear them. 

Why Red?

Red in all its hues has always been associated with energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, intimacy, romance and love. Red is an emotionally intense colour, often worn by world leaders or other people in power. Wearing something red yourself might even give you a slight boost of confidence. 

A First Date

If you’re a traditionalist and your first dates are always at smart, romantic restaurants adding a bit of red to your stylish outfit won’t only help in boosting confidence, but also adds that splash of colour. Wearing a smart tie might be a bit too much, and a burgundy silk shirt is going way too far but a pair of stylish red dress socks on the other hand.. or foot, as it were, might be an outstanding addition. 

The Office

Depending on your work environment, smart/ casual can be normal, so finding the right pair of luxury socks to suit your style, and style your suit, can be a challenge. What you’ll need is something like the dress code – smart yet casual. Going with the classic Argyle is always a good idea, it’s smart, yet fun and all Argyle socks have more than one colour in them, making them the perfect socks for any smart/ casual setting. 

A Wedding

The most formal of occasions, whether you’re the groom looking to style the groomsmen or just attending the wedding, wearing quirky socks that are bright enough to draw everyone’s attention away from the lucky couple isn’t such a good idea. The perfect pair of red dress socks highlight the stylish undertones of your outfit, without making you the centre of attention. 

A Formal Party

Formal parties are a great way to bring out the creativity, while most of the time formal parties are synonymous with tuxedos, that doesn’t mean you need to wear black and white socks! Deep burgundy or red dress socks are the order of the day for parties like this and red goes hand in hand with black as far as style goes, and in cases like this, you can’t go wrong with the burgundy Mayfair

A Business Lunch

Another perfect example of a smart/ casual outing where first impressions could make or break a deal. We’re great proponents of quirky style but not everyone is, styling yourself in a smart navy suit, stylish brown oxfords and a dapper pair of smart red socks not only shows you have taste but that little flash of red shows certain confidence too.

 Red Argyle Dress Socks

There are many different occasions you could wear burgundy or red dress socks, and red is the easiest colour to match and plan outfits with. The only limit is your imagination… and your wardrobe. Always experiment with new colours, new styles and most importantly, new socks! One thing to remember though – wearing red with green is only acceptable during Christmas.